Smarter-than-average bear wheels trash bin outside Florida home

MARY ESTHER, Fla. -- A bear in Florida just channeled his inner Yogi Bear and made a smarter-than-average move.

You have likely seen a lot of videos of bears going through the trash, making a mess. But not this very polite black bear.

Brett Longo shared video of the bear walking upright and wheeling a trash can in front of his home in Mary Esther.

People on social media jokingly suggested that the bear was trying to be helpful.

"He was just trying to take the trash out for you!," posted one person on Facebook.

"That's amazing," wrote another person.

Longo told Storyful that he had just got to work when he was notified that the security cameras were going off.

"I opened the app and saw a black bear bringing my trash can back up to the house. He eventually tipped over the can and started going through it all," he said.

The greatest part?

"My wife had thrown out some homemade lasagna the night before, which was passed over in favor of an Arby's beef and cheddar sandwich wrapper," Longo said.
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