Looking for mouth watering BBQ? You'll find it at Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ

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Boogie's BBQ
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Boogie's BBQ brings Chicago-style to the Bayou City.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Most of us here in Texas think slow-smoked when we think about Texas BBQ. But there is one restaurant in town bringing another city's flavor to the Bayou City.

It's called Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ and it has mouths watering all over town. Lamont Wait is the owner, and he was born and raised around Chicago-style BBQ. Lamont says the secret is all in the "heat." He says more heat helps lock in the juices and flavor that you sometime lose when you cook the meat at a lower temperature for a longer period of time.

The ribs are his specialty and serving it on a bed of fries makes it that much better.

"That's the way they do it in Chi Town," Wait said.

If ribs aren't your thing, don't worry, Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ has it all. Everything from burgers, to sausage, to chopped or sliced brisket -- and don't forget the wings -- no choice is a bad choice at Boogie's.

There are two locations in town: one in Houston and another in Missouri City.