Baker-Jones Company Has Grown with the Third Ward Over Seven Decades

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Friday, August 7, 2020
Baker-Jones Company Has Grown with the Third Ward Over Seven Decades
"We all work together" Four-generation family business Baker-Jones Company has spent a long time in Houston's Third Ward, and has earned the trust of families for seven decades.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Baker-Jones Company, which does air conditioning and heating, has spent a long time in Houston's Third Ward. They started as a business specializing in home improvements and repairs, but have worked exclusively with heating and cooling since 1988.

"Baker-Jones was established in 1951 by Levi Moss, Herbert Baker, and Harry Jones," said Ronald Moss, Levi's grandson and the company's current vice president. "We're a family business."

Over the years, the business remained in the Moss family with Moss, Sr., who passed away in 1988, Moss, Jr., who passed away this June, and Ronald operating Baker-Jones Company. More recently, the company added Ronald's son, Justin, making it a four-generation business.

"It's incredible," said Justin. "I stayed local, I went to the University of Houston, so I could take over the business one day."

Ronald's mom, Barbara, is the secretary and treasurer at Baker-Jones Company.

"We all work together," she said. "The kids started working with their dads and granddads."

The importance of family extends to Baker-Jones Company's relationship with the Third Ward neighborhood. They've had many of the same customers for decades and have been willing, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, to work with their neighbors to ensure they stay cool and comfortable.

"Our customers are a part of our family," said Ronald. "We appreciate them and they appreciate us."

Baker-Jones Company is located at 4116 Caroline Street. Visit for more information on their services.

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