Emergency hearing to determine placement for murdered baby's siblings

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- An emergency hearing has been held to determine what will happen to some young children after their baby brother was stabbed to death. Their mother is charged with capital murder.

Both of Rochelle Brown's surviving children were placed temporarily in the custody of Children's Protective Services.

A CPS investigator told judge Schneider that Brown's two surviving children - ages three years and eight years -- were in the apartment at the time Brown allegedly stabbed her two-month-old son several times killing him.

The CPS investigator said the eight-year-old was not crying, but then began to cry once he arrived at the foster home. He apparently understands what happened to his two-month-old brother. The three-year-old reportedly doesn't know much of what's happening.

The father of the three-year-old and the two-month-old who was killed lives in Nebraska. The next step would be to investigate to see if he would be a good placement for his surviving son.
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