Ayesha Curry talks family, food and her new Houston restaurant International Smoke

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Ayesha Curry is a cookbook author, television personality, and wife of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. ABC13 anchor Katherine Whaley recently visited with Ayesha about life as a busy mom, and her new Houston restaurant, International Smoke, located in CityCentre.

And the first thing Ayesha wanted to do was clear up any misconceptions about the eatery.

"Everyone thinks this is a barbecue restaurant. It's not, it's not. We would not do that to you guys. We know that you have the best barbecue. What we are calling this is a global grilling experience and that's what Houston is, a giant melting pot of different people who come together to enjoy really good food," she explained.

Ayesha says the most popular dish at the restaurant is the coconut curry cornbread and the Tom Kha soup, which features Texas Gulf Coast shrimp.

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But if you struggle to get your kids to eat healthy at home, you're not alone. Ayesha says she has to deal with that, too, so she's come up with these tips.

"I have a 6-year-old, a 3-year-old, and now a 4-month-old, so obviously the 4-month-old is not eating solids quite yet. But I find that when I give my kids a job in the kitchen, and when they're task oriented, like, 'Here's a kids' knife. You chop up the green onion. You're on sweet potatoes,' they are more apt to try food that they have a hand in making," Ayesha said.

And what about the eating habits of her husband Steph? Ayesha says he was into frozen pizzas and chicken tenders when she met him in college. But now, he eats everything.

"I want to say his palette is broader than mine and he is more adventurous. He recently took a trip to China and did a hot pot and ate a whole frog," Ayesha said.

As many families celebrate Thanksgiving together, Ayesha says the holiday is pretty relaxed in the Curry home.

"We are all going to wear our pajamas. We are going to eat al fresco outside because it's California, it's a little warmer. But yeah, just divide and conquer this year!" she said.

When the family is in Houston, you might catch them at Lakewood Church.

"Any time we come here, we love to go to Lakewood, and just experience that and bask in that, because church in California is a little different, and we are both Southern raised, so we love being able to come to church," Ayesha said.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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