Charging documents reveal Dr. Mark Hausknecht's murderer contemplated suicide

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The shooting and hunt for the killer of Dr. Mark Hausknecht has spanned two weeks, and Eyewitness News is learning more details through charging documents.

The suspect appeared to be waiting for Dr. Hausknecht to ride past his position before immediately following him. He then shot the doctor without provocation, and then fled the scene.

Authorities learned Joe Pappas was considering suicide after a family friend told them.

Pappas' friend, Sarah Parris, said she was visiting from Georgia and contacted him to see if they could get together.

Parris said she got a text message from him stating that he was going to kill himself.

Charging documents show the officer who searched Pappas' home "observed a large piece of metal positioned in such a way that it appears it was intended to be used to buttress the front door against any attempt to force entry into the residence."

It appears Pappas was ready for a shootout.That never happened.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo said Pappas was sitting near Brays Bayou when a Houston Parks Board employee made contact with him. The worker spotted Pappas near the Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care center and thought he was a graffiti vandal.

When approached, Pappas put his arms out and walked away. The worker then found Pappas' wallet, confirming his identity and called 911.

Acevedo said when an officer arrived, Pappas had body armor on and a gun in his hand. He didn't comply with the officer's demands, and as a second officer arrived, Pappas killed himself with a single shot in the head.

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