From the hospital to the stadium, how a young Astros fan beat leukemia and got to watch the 'Stros

ATLANTA, Georgia (KTRK) -- After watching the 2017 Astros World Series run in the hospital, a young boy beat leukemia and was able to catch the 2021 Astros World Series run in person.

As the Astros prepared for Game 4 of the World Series, their fans braved the weather to catch a glimpse and even a ball.

Each fan had their own reason why they wore orange into enemy territory.
"(I was) born in Houston, but we moved when I was two years old to Georgia," Astros fan Matthew Wilson explained. "That's where all my family is. I've just always been a fan."

Some fans were hooked thanks to a group of older players.

"It started in the 90s when we had the 'Killer Bees," Bobby Cornel said. "Back then, it was Bagwell, Biggio and Bell."

Other fans wear the orange for players representing a country.

"Because of Yuli," Patricia Soto explained. "We followed him since he was in Cuba, which they have a team in Cuba."

For the Young family, being an Astros fan is much more.

"He's a point where he's really healthy," Blen Young said of Waylen Young. "He's the best he can possibly be. We're like, 'Hey, Houston is coming to Atlanta. Let's do it!'"

Four years ago, as the Astros played in the World Series, Waylen and his parents watched the Astros. Not from the stadium, but from a hospital room.
"In June 2017, this little guy, was diagnosed ALM Leukemia," Lacy Young said of Waylen.

Four years ago, as the Astros inched closer to a title, Young's health improved. On the day the 'Stros won the title, Young left the hospital.

"It's special," Lacy Young said. "It's a special little boy right here."

Young's battle wasn't over. He continued to have issues.

This October, his health improved to a point he was able to finally watch the Astros play. This time, he was able to see them in-person. The game was even more special for the Youngs.

At Saturday's World Series Game 4, fans held signs with names of people impacted by cancer. A stand-up feeling no one knows more than the Youngs, who went from cheering the Astros in the hospital to the ballpark.

"He's four years out," Lacy Young said. "What better way to celebrate than to come to a World Series."

It was a celebration even the rain couldn't put a damper on.

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