World Series pizza pies delivered to Houston Astros by previous year's winners Atlanta Braves

The story goes that the Boston Red Sox, who won in 2013, began the tradition by sending pies to the San Francisco Giants in 2014.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022
STAYING CLASSY: Astros pass on World Series pizza to Red Sox
STAYING CLASSY: Astros pass on World Series pizza to Red Sox

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some baseball traditions are hard to drop. For example, you always douse the slugger who blasted the walk-off homer with the dugout cooler water, or you're never ever going to mention that a pitcher is throwing a perfect game before the final out.

So, when the Houston Astros clinched their hard-earned World Series championship, there was a certainty that stacks and stacks of pizza pies would soon show up at their doorstep.

And on Wednesday, that's exactly what the organization's front office got. The team posted on Twitter a photo of pizza boxes, with two of them open to reveal some cheese, bready goodness.

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The video above is from October 2018, when the Astros sent the Red Sox some championship pie.

Who sent those pies? Well, it's a team that prevented the 'Stros from getting those pizzas a year earlier.

"Special thanks to the (Atlanta Braves) for sending pizza to the Astros front office staff today," the ball club tweeted.

The Braves and the Astros continued a new post-championship tradition that has gone on for not a lot of time before.

The story goes that the Boston Red Sox, who won the 2013 World Series, sent a congratulatory feast to the following year's winner, the San Francisco Giants.

And the Giants did the same the following year, bestowing 2015 champs Kansas City Royals with some 'za. And the Royals to the Cubs, and then the Cubs to the Astros, and the Astros to the Red Sox, and so on.

The pizzas weren't shipped cross-country. No, typically a popular pizzeria in the winner's town takes up that privilege, and by the looks of the 417 Travis address on the Astros' pizza boxes, popular outlet Frank's Pizza in downtown Houston fulfilled the order.

Now the question that remains: what happens if the reigning World Series champions repeat? Do they buy themselves pizza?

The Astros and their fans may find out after the 2023 season is said and done.

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