Houston Astros baseball cards could mean big money after World Series

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Saturday, October 30, 2021
Astros baseball cards could bring big money after World Series
Joe Davis, president of gotbaseballcards.com, knows a thing or two about collecting, selling and profits when it comes to baseball cards. Here's his insight into what Astros cards

LOGANVILLE, Georgia (KTRK) -- They can be vintage, valuable and life-changing if you have the right one in your collection.

They can also be next to worthless.

Collecting baseball cards may be a hobby for most, but for Joe Davis, he turned it into a passion and a thriving career.

As president of gotbaseballcards.com, Davis knows a thing or two about how championships like the World Series can instantly change the value of a baseball card.

"If a guy hits two or three home runs one night overnight, we'll come in and have a pile of orders for that player," David said. "It happens every World Series, regardless of the team."

Davis showed off some of his popular Houston Astros trading cards and explained how the industry has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"A lot of people are reliving their childhood, a lot of parents were spending a lot of time at home with the kids," he said. "It's a great hobby to explore together."

Serious investors though, will pay millions for the right card.

As for the Houston Astros, we're not seeing big money for their cards. But you may see a jump in prices after the World Series.

Davis used Astros Manager Dusty Baker as an example, and had an obvious bias for his Atlanta roots.

"Here, we've got a 1973 Dusty Baker when he played for the right team, when Dusty was playing with the Braves," Davis joked. "He was a good teammate was Hank Aaron back in the day. And so unfortunately, he's the opposition even though he's a very popular manager and has been for a long time. You know, he was not a Hall of Fame caliber player, so that's like a $2 card."

So, if the Astros win the World Series, what happens to the price?

"Yeah, it would certainly help his cards, at least short term," Davis said. "You might see a $2 card turn into a $10 card just because of the publicity and the success as a manager."


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