Transgender woman identified as homicide victim in SW Houston

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Community mourns death of transgender woman killed
Officials say the death of 22-year-old Asia Foster marks the 38th death of a transgender person this year and the third in the state.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Family and friends gathered at the Montrose Center Sunday to remember 22-year-old Asia Foster, who was identified as the transgender woman murdered in southwest Houston on Friday.

Majanae Chambers, one of Foster's close friends, said the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster as they were all trying to find out where she was.

Then, after seeing a news report about a woman's body found along Skyline Drive and Greenridge, her family and friends feared the worst.

"He said that it was a woman found with multiple [gunshot wounds] that's up the street from where they live," Chambers said, recalling a conversation with a mutual friend. "I'm like, 'Please not her. I'm praying it's not her."

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Foster's family and friends were notified this weekend. Investigators believe Foster was shot to death and then her body was dumped at the location where she was found. Police still don't know what led up to the shooting.

Meanwhile, a vigil was held in honor of Foster on Sunday night.

According to the Chief Development Manager with the Montrose Center, Foster is the 38th transgender person whose violent death has been reported nationwide and the third in Texas this year.

On Monday, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee spoke out about Foster's death stating, "This appears to be a directed violent attack on innocent women because of who they are."

Lee added she is looking to pass federal legislation to investigate this "repetitive national violence against transgender women of color."

Foster is the first transgender woman to be killed in Houston this year, but her family and friends fear she will not be the last.

"Be aware of your surroundings," Chambers said. "Be aware of who you are meeting with. Meet someone in public. Be where everyone can see you. Awareness."

Family and friends at the vigil said at the young age of 22, Foster had turned her life around, was excelling professionally and personally, and was a beacon of light in their community.

"This will never be forgotten. Asia will never be forgotten," a family member said to the crowd Sunday night.

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