Amazon adds Houston to Sunday delivery service


But thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and the Post Office, you do not have to panic just yet. No need to rush out to take care of mom, log on and watch her gift get to her door on Sunday now that Houston is a part of Amazon Sunday delivery.

Even a savvy online shoppers like Dayna Steele was surprised when her Clear Lake doorbell rang on a Sunday.

"I was like go see who that is," said online shopper Dayna Steele.

Turns out it was a box that changed Steele's life.

"And I was like, 'that's right! They are starting Sunday delivery," she said.

"They" are Amazon and Houston is now included in the company's Sunday delivery schedule, just in time for a very important day.

"I think it is great for this weekend," said Steele. "It's Mother's Day and there are people who are going to realize, they forgot, last minute, I don't know what planet they are on."

In a move that just might breathe new life into the Post Office, it will be postal workers who make the Sunday deliveries according to Houston Post Office spokesperson Dionne Montague.

"We are excited to be able to have packages delivered here on Sundays. It is a win, win situation for both Amazon and the Postal Service, and our customers," said Montague.

And the post office desperately needs a win. It lost nearly 2 billion dollars in the first three months of this year alone.

Not every Amazon item is eligible for Sunday delivery, but most are. Amazon Prime customers pay nothing extra for Sunday deliveries all others will pay for postage.

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