Family calls for justice in East Texas man's mysterious death


Investigators ruled Alfred Wright's death a drug overdose, but his family wants the U.S. Department of Justice to step in and take a closer look.

A community forum back is being held start at 7pm at the National Black United Front Office in Third Ward to discuss the mysterious death of 28-year-old Wright. The man's family and supporters say they believe the investigation's been botched and they want answers.

Gathered in front of the Texas Department of Public Safety Office in Houston, community activists and the family of Wright gathered, once again, demanding justice in the controversial investigation into the 28-year-old father of three's mysterious death.

"We know that there's been a cover up in the way that this whole case has been handled," community activist Krystal Muhammad said.

The group is accusing initial investigators who worked the case in Sabine County of doing lousy police work and misconduct in reporting what really happened to the young physical therapist back in November.

"When I sit around and I think about all of the horrible, the horrific things that they did to my child, and then they want to lay it on drugs," mother Rosalind Wright said.

Wright was found dead in Sabine County after being missing for 19 days. His naked and severely traumatized body was discovered by relatives in an area they say officers claim to have previously checked.

Investigators determined Wright died of a drug overdose after an autopsy showed cocaine and meth in his system, among other drugs. His famiily refuses to believe his death's the accident investigators claim.

"I want to know what kind of drugs make you want to cut your tongue out of your mouth, make you want to slit your throat, make you want to gouge your eyes out, pull your fingernails off. You tell me, I want to know," Rosalind Wright said.

After much pressure, the department of justice is now looking into the case. The Sabine County Sheriff'S Department says it stands by its investigation.

"In 2014, we just can't take too much more of these kinds of murders," community activist Minister Robery Muhammad said.

The family says they plan to head from Houston to Jasper next month for another rally.

Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox issued the following statement:

"The investigation into the Alfred Wright case remains ongoing by the Texas Rangers Service and the United States Attorney's Office. Because of that fact, we are not in a position to respond to certain levels of inquiry regarding this case. Although we do not agree with the wildly false allegations being made, we cannot dispute them at this time due to this being an open investigation. I strongly urge everyone to keep an open mind, refrain from commenting, or pre-forming opinions based on rumors and speculation surrounding this incident will become clear when ALL THE FACTS have been released by the Sabine County Sheriff's Office, Texas Ranger Service, and the United States Attorney's Office. For additional information, please contact Davilyn Dalston the Public Information Officer for the US Attorney's Office Beaumont, Texas."

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