Pregnant woman suing Texans Arian Foster


On Tuesday, a judge signed an order forbidding Foster and Brittany Norwood from harassing each other, but he did not grant a gag order that Foster was hoping for.

Norwood's lawyer, Doug York, says her love story with Foster began as a fairy tale.

"She fell in love with him and she's having his child," York said.

The 20-year-old says she dated the football star and father-of-two for almost a year, totally unaware of his marriage.

"This wasn't a one-time incident. This was a long-term relationship that Arian and my client had," York said.

When she told Foster she was pregnant, she says things changed.

"The response was, 'Abort this child.'" It's unfair for Arian Foster to say abort this child," York said.

Norwood is suing Foster for, among other things, "infliction of emotional distress." She says she was "constantly harassed to get an abortion for the child she is currently carrying," calling Foster "the alleged biological father," and saying he "used his family members to additionally harass her to get an abortion."

She also said he "made her go on Medicaid for prenatal care despite" having "vast financial resources."

In a response, Foster submitted Norwood's tweets to the judge, accusing her of using her pregnancy to promote a show called the 'Blondashians,' saying she "will participate in a reality show revolving around her pregnancy and thereby draw additional media attention."

Speaking of social media, Foster once posted this about teaching his daughter about men. He promised to, "Let her know that she must hold every man accountable for who they are and how they act towards her."

And that's what Norwood's lawyer says she's doing.

"He's gonna be a parent, like it or not," York said.

The lawsuit seeks both child support and damages. Foster's lawyer declined to comment.

The baby is due in June. The next known hearing will happen after the baby is born.

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Today on Eyewitness News Live at Five, hear Brittany's side of the story and how her lawyer says Foster and his brother have "teamed up" against the alleged mother of Foster's baby, who says she didn't know he was married.

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