Marine reels in great white while fishing on Southern California beach


Marine Jef Fangman made the catch back on October 27 off the coast of Camp Pendleton during a trip to the beach with his wife and daughter. His wife grabbed their daughter and their camera when he got a bite.

"The line just started rolling off the reel," said Fangman, who is an experienced fisherman. "Low and behold it ended up being a great white."

It's the first he's ever caught, and to his knowledge, the first ever reeled in from the beach in the US.

"Seeing it in the water was just, it was almost mind blowing," he said. "It's taken several weeks to get the whole ordeal to sink in."

Great whites are illegal for fisherman to target, so Fangman got a few more seconds of video and dragged it back into the water.

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