Authorities: With colder temps, time to check heater now

Cooler temps means turning on the heat or bringing out the space heaters so check your heating system before it gets too late
November 12, 2013 8:14:39 PM PST
Cooler temperatures often means turning on the heat or bringing out the space heaters. And that's sparking a warning from authorities: check your heating system before it gets too late.

Our area is under a freeze watch with temperatures expected to reach into the 30's.

Companies began warning customers about cold weather a couple of weeks ago, urging people to get their heating systems checked. Unfortunately, a lot of people wait until they need heat to even start their heating systems and that leads to frantic calls for help.

Technicians we spoke with say they were busy Tuesday and expect to see the same level of calls Wednesday. You might think that if your heater worked fine last year, all is well, but the systems should be checked annually.

"You should have them maintenanced every year, and checked every year because there are things on that can happen, we also get access inside the heat exchanger, do a visual on the heat exchanger, even on a new system they can get stress cracks on them, if you get a stress crack on your heat exchanger then you are getting carbon monoxide in your home and carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless and it can kill you," said Robert Smith with Bradbury Brothers Heating & AC.

A routine check should cost no more than $100. If expensive repairs are suggested, get a second opinion.

Replace filters every 30 days to prolong system's life, and if you have ceiling fans, they should be turning clockwise to draw warm air down from the ceiling.

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