Meyerland apartment complex institutes strict new curfew policy


Getting a bit of fresh air on his front porch late at night almost got one man arrested.

"I was sitting and I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine and it was right in front of my window," he said. "So I'm not in the common area or any places like that."

It's all part of a new policy at the Villages at Meyerland Apartments. A letter sent to residents less than two weeks ago reads: "Residents and Visitors will need to be inside your apartment by 10pm. If you are outside in the parking lot or in any common areas you will be asked to go inside your apartment at once. If you are caught outside after curfew again and are not en route to your apartment, you will be arrested for Criminal Trespassing."

So, for standing on his front porch after 10pm, this resident was approached by armed security.

"They all had sidearms and one was brandishing a shotgun, I guess in the ready stage," he recalled.

We asked for management to elaborate on why the policy is needed, but they said they couldn't comment. Other residents also weren't too keen on the curfew.

Stephen Johnson asked, "Why in the world do grown people, in Houston, Texas – taxpayers -- have to come inside their house on the weekend at 10 o'clock?"

But not resident we spoke to was against it. Bashera Giwa said loitering was a huge problem before the curfew was in place.

"I don't think it's really telling people what to do," said. "I think it's just an attempt to try and keep crime and other unwanted activity away from the apartment complex."

We spoke with Houston Apartment Association officials who tell us that, while curfews are not a common practice, they can sometimes be a temporary measure.

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