Whitcomb Elementary School students knighted for their good deeds


The program teaches children how to be role models and hold high standards for character. Organizers hope the examples will rub off on other kids.

It was the last day of school for students at Clear Creek ISD, and some of them went home with new titles for the summer.

Once upon a time, like today, two brave knights visited Whitcombe Elementary to bestow honors on deserving students. It's not necessarily for daring deeds, but for virtue like that of good citizenship, which means far more than voting.

"It's kind of taking care of your stuff, your school, stuff around you. Dont trash it," knighted fourth grader Joshua Vargas said.

"Me, I will just stay after school and clean up my teacher's room," knighted fifth grader Anshara Danish said.

Or responsibility.

"Lots of times I have to be able to get my homework done and, turn in all of my assignments on time and make sure I'm always doing things that I should be," said student Erin Galvin, who was knighted for responsibility.

Or courtesy.

"Courtesy means to tell the truth and follow the rules and respect people, that they're unique," said Brenna Rinehart, a student knight in courtest.

It's part of a program called Early Act First Knight, sponsored by the Space Center Rotary.

"Teaches these really fine character traits in the early ages so that it's developed and they can just enhance it in the higher grades," said Marilyn Musial with the Space Center Rotary.

Harris County Constable Phil Sandlin is a Rotarian and a supporter of the program.

"Teaching 'em the values from the get-go, I think it's gonna keep 'em out of trouble," Sandlin said.

The proudest people in the room are the parents, who are glad to have a knight in the family.

"I dont have to worry about him, what he's going to be doing in school. I know he's gonna be good," parent Juan Bahena said.

The program has been such a success that Clear Creek ISD wants to see it go forward.

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