Botox now big with 20-somethings


Welcome to the world of the young and the Botoxed. A cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a safe form of the poison botulism into your face.

It temporarily paralyzes the muscle, reducing wrinkling. In years past it's been a popular procedure for people over 40.

"You don't feel anything, you don't feel any medicine, burning, none of that," 48-year-old Bernice Soto.

But now Botox is big with 20-somethings.

"It is more popular nowadays to have it done in people... in their 20s," physician's assistant Alice Hill.

She says most young clients are injecting their foreheads, between the brows, even around the eyes, hoping to preserve their fresh faces.

"As I've gotten older, I've realized my skin is not the way it used to be in my early 20s," said 29-year-old Nicole Harper.

She and 24-year-old Liliana Gonzalez are getting Botox for the first time.

"I figure, why let it get worse, you know?" Gonzalez said.

But is there a downside to someone jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon so soon?

"Women who begin that really early can get caught up in needing more and more and continuing to seek that external sense of how am I doing, is this enough," Clinical Psychologist Nanine Ewing told us.

The results can be dramatic though.

No matter the age experts warn you should consider more than just what it does to your face.

"It can be a burden in both regards to the psyche... and pocketbook," Ewing said.

Botox must be administered by a trained nurse or doctor. And it's not cheap -- about $200 per area. And remember it only lasts for about six months.

The two young women in our story say they loved their results, but will not be doing it again -- at least not yet.

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