Another court appearance for former hand surgeon now jailed for child support violation

March 5, 2013 2:50:39 PM PST
Former hand surgeon Michael Brown was back in court Tuesday. We've seen the doctor in court many times before and this time it had to do with his pending divorce and money he may not be allowed to spend.

Brown by his own admission had a rough 24 hours as he's been in jail under a half million dollars bond. In the days he was running his hand surgery empire, that would have been chump change. But he says those days are gone, along with his bank account.

His estranged wife, Rachel Brown, and her attorneys apparently believe otherwise. They came to court on a contempt hearing Tuesday for Michael Brown. His failure to appear last month landed him in jail. It involves, as do most high-profile divorces, money.

Until a settlement is reached, Michael Brown is supposed to spend no more than normal living and business expenses. Rachel Brown's attorney Tuesday produced a bill of sale for a Ferrari Michael Brown bought that cost more than $300,000, minus a $20,000 down payment.

On the stand Tuesday , a sometimes disoriented, sometimes confrontational former hand surgeon responded that she, as in Rachel Brown, has a Lamborghini.

He also appeared disoriented during a line of questioning from Rachel Brown's attorney.

Attorney: Is that (referring to a female attorney) one of your lawyers?
Michael Brown: I can't recall because of recent stress.
Attorney: Did you talk to her about recent legal matters?
Brown: I don't remember.

Michael Brown is charged with a child support violation. He has children in both Colorado as well as in Houston.

The hearing ended Tuesday afternoon without resolution. There is now some work being done on Brown's bail. He would have to come up with $50,000 to pay a bail bondsman, then the question would be where did that money come from.

If the name Michael Brown sounds familiar to you, that's because this is not Dr. Brown's first run-in with the law. Brown became the subject of federal charges earlier this year for allegedly choking flight attendants and threatening to strip naked on a flight from London to Miami.

Back in 2011, a jury acquitted him of felony assault of his then-wife, Rachel Brown, whom he later sued for 'devaluing' his business in the wake of the charges. And in 2006, Brown lost his medical license after testing positive for cocaine.

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