Couple married onboard yacht after cruise debacle dashed wedding plans

Couple weds on board Boardwalk Fantasea after cruise ship disaster dashed their original wedding plans (Photo credit: Steven Yoes) (Steven Yoes)

February 15, 2013 8:27:57 AM PST
A Houston area couple whose wedding was nearly ruined by the fire and subsequent disabling of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship have found a silver lining. We first told you the couple's story on Monday, but the Kemah community pitched in to give them a happy ending.

When a Houston couple about to leave on the Carnival Triumph cruise got the news their wedding cruise was canceled, they had no idea what to do. Luckily a Kemah Boardwalk manager with a big heart learned about their situation. And now there is something extra special about their wedding.

Luke, Summer and their daughter Meadow boarded a yacht in Kemah, hours before their wedding on the ship. They and about 30 relatives were actually supposed to be aboard the Carnival Triumph in Cozumel, getting married on Valentine's Day. However, the Triumph never made it back to Galveston to pick them up. Without power and running water, it's been stranded at sea for days. Eight months of planning for their entire family were dashed.

"We had to get everybody on board, and make sure that everybody could get off for the week," explained groom Luke Cash.

The family was told the day before leaving that their wedding Carnival cruise was cancelled.

"It's kind of like a meteor coming out of the sky," bride Summer Cash said. "You don't know it's coming and there is nothing you can do about it and you have nowhere to go, which was, of course, so devastating for the entire family."

Already at a hotel at the Kemah Boardwalk last Sunday, waiting to leave with dozens of relatives the next morning, a manager heard of their dilemma. The next thing they knew, a proverbial life preserver was thrown their way in the form of the Boardwalk Fantasea, free for them to use on the day of their wedding, Valentine 's Day.

"Even my dream wedding -- this is absolutely better than that," Summer said. "The biggest reason is now my grandmother is going to be able to attend."

Though their wedding was not on Cozumel, it no doubt will be one everyone remembers.

Summer laughed, "Even if people don't know, I'm going to be like guess what happened to us!"

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Cash. The wedding and reception took place on board the Boardwalk Fantasea, which set sail for a few hours.

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