Rockets' Chandler Parsons talks NBA, All-Star weekend

February 14, 2013 3:45:15 AM PST
The NBA All-Star weekend begins today when the Jam Session at the George R. Brown Center opens its doors. Rockets forward Chandler Parsons will play in the Shooting Stars competition.

Parsons is well on his way to official "star status." Just ask the women of Houston. But somebody forgot to tell him. When we sat down recently, the Rockets forward still couldn't believe he was ready to take part in All-Star weekend.

"It's really an incredible time to have all these special people in the same place at once," Chandler Parsons said.

Parsons won't ever admit it, but he is one of the NBA's special people, and the lines and the autographs are just the beginning.

"It's unbelievable. Honestly, I still am that kid, I'm still a huge fan of the NBA. I'm still a huge fan of All-Star weekend," he said.

He's also one of the NBA's Rising Stars. Ready to represent Houston on All-Star weekend with a rooting section that always starts with mom and dad.

"It's awesome. My parents didn't miss any home or away games in my four years at the University of Florida. They've already been to Houston this year three times," Parson said.

With every visit, they see one of the NBA's top young scorers. But again, Parsons doesn't see himself like everybody else.

"Are you kind of a reluctant star at this stage of your career?" we asked.

"For sure. I pride myself on making other guys better, being a facilitator out there, having people like me," he said.

No worries there. The people who like Parsons start with the hundreds of women who showed up for his own Ladies Night Promotion in January.

"Good turnout too. There were a lot of women," Parsons said.

"At what point do you go, this is for me?" we asked.

"Yeah, it was. It really hit men when a girl asked me if I wore boxers or briefs. Then I was like, alright seriously, I'm that guy they're asking that?"

He is. And he's also the guy you see roaming the mall with teammate Jeremy Lin.

"Me and Jeremy hang out pretty much every day. He's unbelievable. He's just a cool, normal, down-to-earth guy," Parsons said.

And he's also a draw on social media, taking Twitter suggestions to choreograph his pre-game handshake with Lin and James Harden.

"We're open to taking ideas. I was gonna say. So, if people want to tweet at me. Tweet me some ideas, and we'll definitely add in some things," Parson said.

That's a lot for a 24-year-old. But Parsons is rested and ready. One of the NBA's Special People lives for his pre-game nap.

"My nap is like two-three hours, sometimes four hours," he said. "On the road it's longer."

Parsons isn't married, but he does have a girlfriend.