Try before you buy to save money on beauty products

February 4, 2013 3:31:03 PM PST
Calling all beauty product junkies -- if you spend a small fortune buying and testing beauty products, a web service could save you money.

If your bathroom vanity is cluttered with products, some that you don't use, you might be a candidate for testing the latest products without making the big investment. It all comes packed in a box and one online company has made it easy and affordable.

Carolina Calvillo loves trying the latest in beauty products.

"I spend a lot of money on products that I should not be spending them on," she said.

And many times she says she wastes money on duds.

Carolina, said, "I use one shampoo and then I find that I don't like it."

Carolina is not alone. Julia Krohn has the same beauty drawer problem.

Carolina said, "It's a disaster."

While some of her products are high-end, most of them are budget-friendly.

"I am a bargain shopper, so I tend to be a bargain beauty junkie which I think ends up being just as bad because I'm buying products that are not as good and are less expensive because I think, 'Well, if I spend $10 maybe I'll like it.' But I end up not liking it," Julia said.

That's when Julia discovered Birch Box is an online monthly beauty box subscription. Once a month you will receive five to six hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door for $10 plus free shipping. Birch Box has a little bit of everything for everyone, from makeup to hair to skincare, and includes a mix of well-known and niche brands.

"They give you a very, very good amount in a sample size," Julia said. "So you have maybe even two weeks' worth of a product to really sample it."

The beauty experts at Birch Box also give you a product guide to tell you a little about each item you're receiving, plus the retail price of the full size products should you choose to purchase through the website.

"In this situation, they are more expensive products, but I have been able to sample them and once I buy the more expensive products I am going to get more use out of that than the five bottles of $6 lotion that I bought that I didn't like," Julia said.

The samples are also tailored to your beauty profile. Julia has found by using Birch Box, she's saving cash and eliminating the clutter.

So if you want to subscribe to Birch Box, head to and request an invitation. It will take a few weeks to be officially accepted because there is a list of people waiting to get their subscription started.

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