Thieves steal family's Christmas presents, cash savings

December 20, 2012 9:12:49 PM PST
'Tis the season of giving, but sadly for criminals, it's an open season of opportunity. And one southwest Houston family now knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that unfortunate side of the season.

The family spent the night with relatives that night. Unfortunately, it was enough time for someone to ruin their Christmas.

It was going to be Baby Dominguez's first Christmas with her family in seven years.

"I wasn't living here in Houston," she said.

Her sister and her three small children were already in town visiting. They all came home Thursday, and much of Christmas was gone.

Someone had broken into the one-bedroom apartment Dominguez shares with her husband and her two children. They left the tree in shambles and took everything that was valuable

"The gifts, the savings and the TV, and I thank goodness we didn't have anymore because I think they would have took that too," she said.

Not one gift was left and that includes the ones here for her little nephews and niece. Dominguez would buy more but their $400 in cash was stolen too.

"The savings was in this box right here," she said.

Her children, ages 8 and 10, haven't seen the mess yet, and Dominguez is not in the forgiving spirit.

"What am I going to tell them now? Where are their gifts now, the robbers took them?" she said. "We sacrifice stuff to buy for our kids and for somebody else to just come and take it, I think that's not right."

Dominguez did report the burglary to HPD and she says she decided to talk to Eyewitness News to warn others about crooks on the prowl.