Elderly woman falls victim to house fire in SE Houston


The fire broke out at a home in the 6500 block of Roxbury near Luce. A woman in her 90s and her son live there, but the son was at a friend's home when the fire started.

When the son returned to the house, he saw the smoke and flames and tried to get his mother out of the house, but the smoke was too thick. He started banging on a neighbor's house, yelling that his house was on fire and his mother was trapped inside.

The woman's son actually made it inside the home, but was overcome with smoke and had to run out. The neighbor also tried to get in, but realized just how dangerous the situation was.

"I crawled over to the chair and drug it out to see if I could see in the house and I was going to go in but he said, 'Don't go in there. The smoke was too heavy.' And it was too heavy cause it was getting me," said neighbor John Johnson.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to make entry and find the elderly woman. They carried her from the home and gave her CPR. She was then transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where she later died.

The son who lives at this home with his mother was not taken to the hospital for treatment and is said to be OK after being overcome by smoke.

Right now, firefighters believe food left on the stove could have been the cause for this fire.

This is the second time in two days a house fire in our area has claimed the life of its occupant. Just yesterday, a woman on Houston's south side died when flames broke out in her home.

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