Father of dead toddler speaks out


Charles "Chuck" Drouillard says his son Steven's autopsy report shows the boy suffered more than 100 bruises, brain damage and bite marks down his back.

The toddler was found last week on a sidewalk near where he lived with his mother and her boyfriend. He was found alone, critically injured and collapsed outside. Steven later died at the hospital from those injuries. His father now heartbroken.

"He must have been thinking that nobody loved him, and that hurts," Drouillard said. "That hurts, that hurts so much."

Drouillard says he had not seen the child in at least a couple of months, and he admits it's because of a restraining order the mother has against him. He did see his son, though, as he was laid to rest.

"All I could do was look at his head, and by looking at his head, I seen at least 20 bruises," he said. "I'm 6'2" 150 pounds and I can't imagine where I'd put 150 bruises on myself, much less my little two-year-old boy."

Child Protective Services says the mother's boyfriend was caring for little Steven around the time he was found, and a judge temporarily removed two other children -- ages four and eight -- from her home this week.

All the father has now are the memories of his son's brief life -- memories that are not enough. He says someone has to be held responsible for how his son died, and he hopes police will move quickly.

"He was a happy -- very happy -- boy," Drouillard said. "I miss that I didn't get the time that I should've had, and I wish I had more time to appreciate him."

So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the toddler's death. At last check, the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences had not determined the child's cause of death.

Drouillard tells us he blames both his son's mother and her boyfriend for the death.

"I consider her just as much as I consider that man," Drouillard said. "The extent of damage that I seen on my child was done over days."

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