Randalls offering new coupon program called 'just for U'


Randalls new grocery store program is called "Just for U." The idea is simple. Save an additional 10 to 20 percent off the products you already buy. The big chain hopes this will give you an incentive to shop with them.

Every big grocery store offers their customers money saving options. At H-E-B, the store has meal deals.

"You don't need a special card to get a discount here," said Cyndy Garza-Roberts with H-E-B.

H-E-B also makes it easy to save with coupons by placing them directly on the products.

"It makes a difference. It adds up," shopper Susan Ebling said.

Over at Kroger, their smart phone app allows users to view and load coupons directly to their Kroger Plus card.

"You kinda save a lot money when it all comes down to it," shopper Vanessa Fai-Yengl said.

Kroger also has a fuel accumulator program. Customers can save 10 cents a gallon, up to $2 a gallon.

And that's why Randalls just launched it's new "Just for U" program, a money-saving program using digital coupons that are linked to your Randalls Reward card. You can access those coupons on your smart phone.

"It's very easy to use. You can use it at home or you can use it here in the store," said Ronnie Brennan with Randalls.

Once you're in the store, the store has obvious signs that signal a "Just for U" deal, so you won't miss it like these Capri Suns on sale. We will simply tap our smart phone to automatically download the digital coupon onto our Randalls Card.

"By the time you get to the register, it will be on your Remarkable Card and you will get the 50-cent savings," Brennan said.

So here is an example of a "Just for U" deal. Sodas are there buy to get two free, but with your "Just for U" coupon that your download to your Remarkable Card, you actually get a free one just for tapping your phone. That's five packs for $12.

But what makes the "Just for U" program different from other rewards programs is the personalized coupons, just for you based on your shopping habits.

"We want to give you better values on those items as opposed to some of the manufacturer coupons you that go through in the paper," Brennan said.

"On the things that I use, I saw there was quite a bit of savings on them," shopper Aline Winter said.

Using my smart phone and the Randalls app, I found deals just for me, like a $3 off coupon in the produce section. Other shoppers say they are saving a lot.

"It makes it simple," shopper Nola Soper said.

And for those who are not technically savvy, no problem. Randalls has set up stations where you can get one-on-one help to make sure everyone can participate and save.

Something else to consider, with this program, you can combine coupons. So if you have a personalized "just for U coupon" and a manufacturer coupon for the same product, you'll get both discounts on the same product. The just for you program is free to use but you must register your Randalls rewards card with an e-mail address.

We checked out several customer's receipts and found the savings were closer to 25 percent.

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