Woman found dead in bathtub under mysterious circumstances


"It's a human tragedy, no question about it," said neighbor William Howard.

Yellow crime scene tape wrapped a house on Cherry Limb Drive -- an unusual sight for neighbors.

"It's a cul-de-sac on both ends, so we don't get that much traffic," Howard explained.

It was after 1am when police got a call about a disturbance at the house. When officers arrived they found all windows and doors locked. But a closer look revealed something bizarre.

Officer Roy Swainson with HPD Homicide said, "While peeking through all the windows, they found what appeared to be two bodies in the bathtub."

Police found a couple -- a man and a woman, both in their 30s -- partially clothed, in a bathtub, with water in it. Police say Lashonda Moye, 37, was transported to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The man in the tub with her has been identified as Nathan Mitchell.

"It appears he might be the victim of some sort of minor trauma. I'm still waiting on the results of what his injuries are," Officer Swainson said. "He has provided a story that we are going to go ahead and continue researching as to what he had to say about all this."

Neighbors are shocked. Beth Paguio first heard the commotion after midnight.

She recalled, "I was gonna like, what's going on, look out, but I didn't, but I wish I did."

Moye's two sons, ages 18 and 7, were staying with relatives at the time, and are unharmed.

Authorities hope an autopsy on Moye's body will reveal her cause of death.

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