Seabrook man, woman accused in severe beatings of young boy


According to court documents, the 11-year-old boy had bandages on his waist, rear and thigh with bodily fluids seeping through them. He told police that the man, Kerry Dean Parks, had been beating him almost daily with a leather belt for about three months. He also said Kerry Parks would rub vinegar, alcohol and salt on those wounds, which would cause him even more pain and led to severe burn injuries.

Court documents state the boy said Kerry Parks would remove bandages, rub the chemicals into the wounds, then reapply bandages.

Police say the child told them that Kerry Parks grabbed his head and smashed it into a decorative column at the top of the stairway of a residence during the week before Christmas last year, causing him tissue loss and permanent disfigurement.

The boy was admitted to Shriner's Hospital for the burns.

According to police, the woman, Merilyn Louise Parks, admitted she would purchase bandages for the boy, but that she never attempted to stop Kerry Parks and did not take the boy to the hospital for his injuries.

Kerry Parks, 50, was arrested Monday afternoon at a Houston apartment complex on two counts of injury to a child. Merilyn Parks, 35, is charged with injury to a child omission. She has yet to be arrested.

Bond is set at $30,000 for each charge.

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