Two motorcyclists killed in eastside accidents


The first accident happened around 9:45pm Saturday on Tracy near Battlebell.

Police say the rider was speeding through a subdivision when he lost control of the bike.

He hit a curb on a curve and flipped into a field. Police say he was wearing a helmet, but he still died from the impact.

Friends told police that he had just left a party nearby and had been drinking.

The second motorcycle accident happened around 2:30am Sunday on Wallisville at Highway 90 in east Houston.

Police say the rider was eastbound on Hwy. 90 and was taking the Wallisville exit, but he didn't see the "right turn only" sign and kept going straight.

Investigators believe the man thought there was a feeder road, but there wasn't.

He hit the median in the middle of Wallisville, sending him and the bike flying across the roadway.

Officials took the rider to Ben Taub General Hospital where he later died.

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