Baytown experiencing rash of car thefts


The latest victim's truck was stolen from a funeral home during a visitation, and it was a truck with special sentimental value.

Nancy Schnell couldn't believe the boldness of the thieves.

"The truck was locked, the truck was parked in a very secure location. Like I said, there's people coming and going all the time," she said.

But that didn't stop them. On a sunny day, as cars went by, someone drove down Rollingbrook Drive with her harvest gold 2001 F-250 pickup truck. It's somewhat distinctive, with a UT trailer hitch and a Harley Davidson sticker in the back window.

But the funeral director is hoping someone may have spotted her license plate before the thieves likely ripped it off.

What's particularly upsetting is the truck was one of the few things the family owned that made it through Hurricane Ike.

Schnell's story is just one of many in this community the past couple of days.

"These people obviously were not novices. They knew exactly what they were doing to be able to disarm the alarm function of the truck and start it and just roll right on out," she said.

Baytown police say they've seen an unusually high number of vehicle thefts. In some cases, the cars and trucks were recovered up on blocks at an apartment complex, stripped of aftermarket rims.

Schnell's truck did not have custom wheels.

"I have very little hope that we'll recover her," she said.

It has not been found, but that won't stop her from trying.

"I've called Harris County Toll Road (Authority) to see if she's gone through an EZ Tag locations and she has not," Schnell said.

If you have any information on the stolen vehicles call Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-TIPS.

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