Couponing couple shares money-saving tips


A couple from The Woodlands who have seven kids tell us how they save together.

Coupons are a big way this couple saves money, but if you did not want to clip coupons or organize your shopping list, they say there are things you can do to save you big and it involves getting the men on board.

Not one married female shopper we interviewed told us their significant other helped them save money at the super market. So how do you get your man involved? For the answer to that question, we turn to extreme couponer Tiffany Ivanovsky.

"Helping him get involved was really key to that, key to saving money," she said.

You may have caught Tiffany and her husband Paul Ivanovskyon TLC's Extreme Couponing show. They worked together to score hundreds of dollars of groceries using coupons.

Paul said, "When I was in high school this is probably not what I was thinking. I was not thinking I was going to be on TV talking about coupons, but it is fun."

Tiffany says she got her husband involved by simply asking for help.

Paul explained, "She batted the eyes and said I need the help, You know how men need to help, we need to fix things."

Since then they have been working to save mostly by couponing and price comparing. Most of you don't have time to clip coupons or go from store to store to find the best deal, but Paul says the men can help with some cost cutting moves.

Tip number 1 -- Shop the front page of the ads. Paul says these are loss leaders and the store is barely breaking even. He says 90 percent of the items here are great deals

Tip number 2 -- Stay around the perimeter of the store, first stocking up on healthy produce and protein before stepping into those expensive pantry aisles.

Tip number 3 -- Shop the store brands. They are almost always cheaper than the national brands and in most cases, Paul says, the exact same taste for a lot less.

One final tip from Paul -- Shop for groceries. He says there are great deals with free shipping and it's tax free.

Both Tiffany and Paul share their money-saving tips in blogs.

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