Official: Turbulence on Houston-bound flight injures passengers


Eyewitness News was there as ambulances descended on IAH, gathering around the 737 United Airlines jet which had pulled up to a gate at Terminal E just after 7am. Two United Airlines flight crew members and five passengers requested medical attention, according to the airline, after the plane experienced turbulence over Lake Charles, Louisiana. It was heading from Tampa, Florida to Houston's big airport.

Houston firefighters treated the injured passengers at the scene. All passengers have been removed from the plane.

The airport reported, in contrast, that as many as 12 people had been transported. All of our sources are stating the injuries were minor.

Turbulence is caused by strong updrafts and downdrafts in thunderstorms that can push a plane up or down as much as 6,000 feet. Typically, pilots try to steer clear of thunderstorms, either by flying around thunderstorms or flying above them.

There were 145 passengers and six crew members onboard the Boeing 737.

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