Mom accused of beating son, telling him she was going to chop his hands off


According to court documents, the boy's aunt reported to his school staff that his mother, Heydy Callejas, physically abused the 4-year-old repeatedly and that he refused to go home with Callejas after school. The aunt told the school that in January, she observed Callejas order the boy to take off his shirt and kneel down, at which point she says Callejas kneeled down and hit the boy multiple times across the back with a belt.

The aunt said she told Callejas not to hit the boy, but says Callejas refused to listen to her which is why she reported the abuse to his school.

Court documents state the boy said his mom would hit him all the time at home after school. He said Callejas would hit him in the mouth with her hand and on his back with a belt. The boy told investigators that Callejas told him she was going to chop his hands off and burn his fingers on the stove, and that a witch was going to chop his head off and boil it in water.

The 4-year-old also told investigators that Callejas would put him in the closet and tell him a serpent would suck his head off, court documents state.

The boy was examined by school staff who say he had both new and old bruises on his back, and a bruise on his arm.

Investigators say Callejas told them she hit the boy on two to three occasions with a belt and the she hit him because he misbehaved at school. Court documents state Callejas also said she hit the boy because she gets depressed in the months of January and February from memories of a violent incident in her past.

The mother said she made a mistake and regrets her actions towards her son, according to investigators.

Callejas, 22, is charged with injury to a child. No bond has been set in this case.

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