MLS places sanctions on some Dynamo fans

February 29, 2012 8:34:17 AM PST
Houston Dynamo fans are up in arms over a crackdown on rowdiness as Major League Soccer (MLS) takes action against them and their behavior at away games.

One thing Dynamo fans do not lack is passion, but are they crossing the line and risking the safety of other fans? The league thinks so and has now done something about it, which has a lot of fans talking.

Fans are not happy with the sanctions and say they would like to focus on the construction of the team's new stadium, BBVA Compass Stadium, in the East End. Instead, MLS is focusing on them.

When Dynamo fans travel, they bring their passion and lots of other things along. But at last year's championship game, it looks like they brought a little too much of something. Jen Cooper was there and remembers.

"There were some things thrown on the field. No one was hurt, but I think the only thing the league felt the only way to kind of shut it down in the future is to shut it down now," said Cooper.

The smoke bombs seen on the field at the end of the MLS Cup championship game in Los Angeles when the Dynamo lost to the Galaxy, along with two other incidents at away games, have now led to sanctions against some of the Dynamo's most ardent fans. The league has issued a ban of loud drums, banners, and large flags at away games for official Dynamo supporter groups.

"I think it's uncalled for. I think no one's going to get hurt with a banner, no one's going to get hurt with drums. I think it's kind of going overboard," said Dynamo fan Nick Santowsky.

The ban starts with the season's first away game in March, and will be re-evaluated when the team opens its first home game in its new stadium in May. It's also caused the Dynamo to walk a tough balancing act of listening to Major League Soccer without alienating its best fans.

"This is just a case of, there were three very, very small isolated incidents that took place at other MLS venues, and this is just how they're addressing it," said Stephen Powell, Dynamo Senior Vice President.

But Dynamo fans say they're not going anywhere.

"It almost feels like the Dynamo are being singled out on this," said Santowsky

Dynamo fans say they hope by the time the stadium opens the ban will be lifted.