Montgomery Co. road center of community's concern

February 27, 2012 8:51:11 PM PST
A concerned community is pleading with Montgomery County officials to do something about what they call a dangerous road and the site of numerous serious accidents.

The street, with a ominous name, is Roberts Cemetery Road. Earlier this month, two college students died on it while driving to school.

There's one stretch of the road that really has a lot of people concerned. They say that part is simply not safe, especially when younger drivers try to navigate the road, so they want changes made.

Theresa Donlon clutched the photos of her daughter, Annie Donlon.

"I miss her. I miss her 'Hi mommy, I love you mommy,' all day," Theresa Donlon said.

She's still trying to come to grips with the horrible car crash on February 10 that killed Annie and her friend, Katie Walker, along Roberts Cemetery Road.

Razelle Smith lives on that very road, and she says changes are overdue.

"I think speed is the first thing that needs to be controlled and then we need to look at some safety issues," Smith said.

Frustrated with the number of deaths and crashes that's occurred, Smith organized a community meeting that included a packed crowd of concerned residents, officials and parents who have lost children.

"How many people have to go and be involved in something like this? Was five an acceptable number?" said Van Walker, Katie Walker's father.

The hope after this meeting is for county engineers to study and then make actual changes to this stretch of road before another young driver dies.

"She just is leaving a great big hole, but we know where she's at," Theresa Donlon said.

The Montgomery County sheriff and the county commissioner for the area did promise a study with engineers so they will look at what changes need to be made.

A lot of residents in the area say they don't need a study, they need something to be done before another life is lost.