Patton Village council calls special meeting

February 24, 2012 10:00:00 PM PST
Several Patton Village officials -- including the mayor -- are facing charges for the alleged misuse of funds, and the city council called a special meeting Saturday night to address issues surrounding the scandal.

The criminal investigation involved several agencies, including the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, the FBI, and the Texas Rangers.

It ended in the arrest of police officers, the court clerk and Mayor Pamela Munoz.

As you might guess, some residents are not happy with the allegations of misuse of city money. They went to the meeting Saturday night to voice their displeasure.

The city's small council chambers were packed as dozens of residents gathered for the meeting, which began at 9pm.

The main topic on the agenda was how to move forward with day-to-day business in the wake of this public corruption scandal, which has shaken up Patton Village and its city hall.

"It's about time," Dennis Beagles, former city councilman, said Saturday afternoon.

Beagles said he's not surprised a grand jury just indicted the group, which includes Munoz, City Secretary Georgia Simons, Court Clerk Paricia Edmonson and four current and former police officers. All are accused of using their public positions for personal gain.

"I mean, there's people up here and this stuff has been known about by citizens here for quite some time," Beagles said.

Resident David Gips was at Saturday night's meeting. He said he is glad the arrests were made. "I just think it's a real shame, you know? Everybody pays their taxes, you know? You think that your elected officials will do right with your money and all this comes out," he said. "I'm just glad someone put some light on it and made some arrests."

Our cameras watched as the city leaders were led out of city hall in handcuffs Friday.

The mayor alone is charged with nine felonies and a misdemeanor on allegations she misused tens of thousands of dollars worth of public funds and property.

"They are not doing their job. They are not taking care of us. They take our money but they don't take care of us," resident Dena Green said.

Investigators tell us the accused officers misused public databases for personal purposes.

"I would love to see everybody in city hall, from the top to the bottom, gone," resident Daniel Parnell said.

We spoke with Munoz by phone Saturday. When asked about her arrest and the charges against her, Munoz said, "No comment. I've bonded out, and it's back to work as usual until my court date."

City officials said the mayor is expected to be back on the job Monday.

Residents at the meeting said they plan to start a petition drive against several city leaders.

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