'Get Out Of Our House' GOOOH movement putting candidates on ballots in Texas, other states

February 24, 2012 5:31:41 PM PST
There are new developments in a political movement we first told you about in late 2009. It's called GOOOH -- Get Out Of Our House. Its aim is to unseat every existing member of Congress, and for the first time, GOOOH is putting candidates on the ballot this spring. Eddie Traylor wants to change Congress.

"I want to restore the economic sanity to this country. It's just not working out," Traylor said.

A retired Air Force and commercial airline pilot, Traylor says what's happening on Capitol Hill needs fixing.

"Right now, we're just flat out spending ourselves into economic oblivion; and that's no way to leave it for our kids and grandchildren," said Traylor.

He is one of four Texas Congressional candidates chosen --not by a political party -- but by his peers. All of whom are part of GOOOH, a movement to replace every member of Congress with a citizen representative who promises to serve no more than two terms.

GOOOH was started by Texan Tim Cox. And now has close to 100,000 members nationwide who are fed up.

"We can't keep doing what we've always done. Something has got to change," said Mark Hall with GOOOH.

Hall helps Cox run GOOOH, and he says this is just the beginning.

"Term after term there are going to be GOOOH systems implemented in districts throughout the nation," said Hall.

So far, there are GOOOH candidates running against Texas incumbents in Districts 10, 21, 31, and 15.

In addition to Texas, the group also expects to have candidates in North Carolina, New York, Florida, and Washington state. Eddie Traylor is running against four-term Congressman Michael McCaul. Traylor says Washington needs new blood and not career politicians.

"They get timid. They become too interested in staying in Congress and getting re-elected rather than fixing problems. I am all about action, leadership, and financial responsibility," Traylor said.

GOOOH candidates do not necessarily favor either established political party. They run against the incumbent in the primary regardless of that incumbent's affiliation. Three of the Texas GOOOH candidates are running as Republicans, one as a Democrat.

If you want to check out the group, visit http://goooh.com/home.aspx.