Couple takes vegan restaurant dream to the streets

February 17, 2012 3:59:08 PM PST
A local couple is trying to get people to switch to a healthier way of eating with their food truck in the Third Ward.

In life, every accomplishment begins with a seed -- and for one couple, the seed was a big green truck. Matti Merrell and husband Rodney Parker wanted to start a restaurant and they wanted it to be vegan.

"Of course it's expensive to open up a restaurant," Merrell explained. "We'd go to Austin to go to other vegan restaurants out there and we'd see these food trucks and go OK, we need to open up a food truck."

And so Green Seed Vegan was born a year ago. The seed was planted and the customers sprouted.

Customer Paula Wilder said, "It's presented well, it's fresh, it's local, it's organic and I believe them when they say that."

Wilder gets her juices, lunches and dinner from the truck every day. She lives in the neighborhood. But Megan Singleton lives in Manvel.

She said, "I'm from the east coast and there are vegetarian restaurants everywhere, and in Houston we're very limited."

The Green Seed truck is parked in the midst of what's called a food desert, lacking in health food restaurants and not many grocery stores. That location has made the restaurant on wheels a success.

"I really do believe the people in this neighborhood, and people all over Houston but especially in this neighborhood, too many fast food chains and different things like that," Merrell said. "We're trying to heal each other."

One delicious, organic, planted-based meal and smoothie at a time.