Thieves steal equipment, put Prairie View Trail Ride in jeopardy

February 14, 2012 4:10:15 PM PST
A local group that helps children is scrambling to get ready for a trail ride this weekend after a break in.

The upcoming Prairie View Trail Ride is a really big deal for kids who live in the Acres Homes neighborhood. Sadly, only a few of them will get to be part of it this year.

As head of a local youth group that exposes inner city to the outdoors, Mitchell Bryant was looking forward to the upcoming Prairie View Trail Ride.

"The kids are very anxious looking to it because they get a chance to be outside where we cook wild hogs," said Bryant.

But this year, there's been a big change in plans and Bryant is heartbroken about it. He won't be able to take as many kids horseback riding or camping as he had hoped.

"This is where we had the actual saddles. They ended up cutting the locks off both the doors," Bryant told us.

Someone broke into a couple of trailers and stole all their equipment.

"They also stole the tents which allows the kids to do the outdoor camping along with sleeping bags and the horse bridles," Bryant said.

Which means Youth Outdoor Unity no longer has enough money to accommodate the some 50 kids from Acres Homes who they wanted to bring along. In fact, they are now turning a lot of them away.

Bryant said, "It's not an easy thing, but what we're telling them to do is keep their heads up and look forward to next year. We'll try to get a van together at least maybe then can be out there at the trail ride, but not be able to participate in the trail ride."

He believes the thieves live somewhere here in the Acres Homes area. No arrests have been made.

If you'd like to help Youth Outdoor Unity, you can call 1-877-968-0003 or email