Fifth-grade girl abducted on her way to school

A 5th grade girl says she was abducted on her way to HISD's White Elementary School

February 11, 2012 5:04:25 AM PST
HISD police are investigating an incident that occurred Friday morning involving a female fifth-grade student who attends White Elementary School in southwest Houston.

The girl told authorities she was walking to school when a man forced her into a vehicle and drove her to a nearby home where he touched her in an inappropriate sexual manner. The student reported that the man then drove her back to a street near the White Elementary campus at 9001 Triola Lane and let her out of the vehicle.

HISD officials say a parent of another White Elementary student saw the girl on the roadside and noticed that she was in distress. The parent drove the girl to school, where she reported to staff what had happened.

HISD police were immediately notified and began an investigation in conjunction with the Houston Police Department. The student received medical attention and has met with a counselor.

"It's scary for girls and boys walking in this place, it's dangerous," parent Amparo Hernandez said.

The man has been only been described as an African-American male with dreadlocks. He was driving a black vehicle that the student believes may be a Honda.

The school principal notified all parents of the incident by phone Friday morning and a letter was sent home with students in the afternoon.

"Please avoid distractions while you're walking. Avoid being on your cell phone while you're walking," HISD spokesperson Jason Spencer reminded students. "Advising children that if they are approached by someone they don't know who tries to force them or talk them into getting in a vehicle that they should run away. They should make noise and they should seek other people who could help them."

HISD police will increase their patrol presence in the area surrounding White Elementary throughout the coming days. Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact police.