Mom arrested on drug charges with child in car

January 31, 2012 8:37:09 AM PST
A Webster mother has been arrested on drug charges, while she had her child in the car.

Geneva Amanda Espinoza, 24, of Webster, was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. On January 23 at about 7:30pm, Friendswood police stopped her in the 3100 block of FM 528 after she was observed following other motorists too closely, driving with an unrestrained child and throwing litter out of the window.

During the traffic stop, the officer reportedly detected the smell of marijuana and saw Espinoza's child passenger walking freely in the back seat. Espinoza was asked to get out of the car.

Police say she had two small baggies of cocaine in the driver's side floorboard. Officers found numerous baggies containing cocaine throughout the vehicle, including areas accessible by the child passenger. Officers also found 22 units of Ecstasy and 48 units of Xanax. Espinoza then admitted to having a bag of powder cocaine in her underwear and she was found with a second bag of cocaine during a search at the jail.

In total, 13 baggies containing cocaine and cocaine residue were found, according to Friendswood police. Espinoza's child was turned over to a relative.