Some employees stay at work due to floodwaters

January 10, 2012 5:07:59 AM PST
Floodwaters forced a group of people in southeast Houston to spend the night at their office.

What started as a normal day at work for Continental Tool Supply employees turned into a unique night after water flooded streets all around the West Loop near Crestmont.

The floods trapped about two dozen employees inside, including one man celebrating his 55th birthday. And even if the employees could make it out the Houston fire department says alligators are in the water surrounding the building.

Employees say things aren't so bad inside the office.

"We have three coaches in the office so we should be OK and we have heat," said trapped worker Fran Fleck. "We have water. We have bathrooms. We have everything we need."

HFD did offer to take some of the employees out of the building by boat, but no one wanted to leave their vehicle behind.

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