Meet the world's biggest Texans fan


Decked out in Texans gear, we met Nick Vollert at his front door.

"It's going to put you back a little bit," Vollert told us.

And again he warned us.

"It's kind of overwhelming," said Vollert.

Still, we had no idea what we were in for -- the entire first floor of his two-story home is covered almost wall to wall in Houston Texans treasures.

"If I just had to guess I'd say there's probably two to three thousand different things in this house somewhere," Vollert said.

In the hallway are framed Texans memorabilia including Vollert himself, one of 10 fans featured on the face of this year's season tickets.

"Here is the newspaper when we were awarded the team and the one from when we won our first game," Vollert explained.

And then there's the Texans pinball machine.

"Only eight of these exist. I've seen one more for sale and it was $10,000 dollars," he told us.

Check out the slot machine.

"I'm not gambling. These are replicas. They use coins not quarters," said Vollert.

And sure those are the big items. But what about smaller trinkets such as the Texans chess set, Sterling Silver playing card, the Hot Wheels, bobble heads and the liquor cabinet. And there's more.

He has a customized Texans La-Z-Boy, Texans fan blades and fan pulls. But you won't believe his Texans bathroom, fit with extra toilet paper -- a Dallas Cowboys rally towel -- and a picture of the Cowboys logo painted in the toilet.

In the kitchen is a Texans vending machine and a Texans toaster.

"It always tastes better with that logo on it," Vollert said.

His mother, who went in labor with him during a Houston Oilers game, says she is a bit worried.

"One word: obsessed. It's pretty much kept him single most of these years. He finds a woman then they come see this, then the next thing you know he's single again," she said, laughing.

But Vollert assures us that his current girlfriend is OK with this and his game day antic. He has only missed one game in franchise history and is now predicting a Super Bowl win.

Until then, he'll keep on collecting.

"I'm a normal, well-adjusted person and as long as my bills are being paid at the end of the month leave me alone," said Vollert.

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