Two 10-year-olds charged with sex assault of child

January 6, 2012 2:57:58 PM PST
Two 10-year-old boys are in custody, charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. It's because of what may have happened to an eight-year-old special needs classmate on an HISD school bus.

Despite their young ages, the investigation has led to serious charges against two students at Thompson Elementary School, and frustration over the way it was handled, voiced by some of the parents involved.

Pamela Robinson, the mother of the alleged victim, is asking a lot of questions. She says her son hasn't been the same lately.

"He's been having a hard time, he cries a lot," she said.

The eight-year-old battles ADHD and just a few weeks into the school year she learned of an incident on the school bus.

Robinson said, "When he got off the school bus, his pants would be unbuttoned and his belt would be off and I didn't know what was going on, on the school bus."

Two 10-year-old boys with special needs are now charged with aggravated sexual assault. The mother of one of the boys joins Robinson in questioning the way the investigation was handled.

"My son was still, when he returned to school, was still in the same situation again, on the bus with the same kids in the same classroom, with these same kids," Robinson said. "So how do I know if it happened to him again after the first incident?"

The surveillance video of what happened on the bus was turned over to Houston police after HISD says the discovery was made during an unrelated review of that tape.

HISD says one of those videos, filmed on August 25, 2011, appeared to show three male students engaged in inappropriate activity. On August 30, the Thompson Elementary principal notified the parents of the students who were involved.

Houston police say they've interviewed all the children involved and all of their parents were given an opportunity to participate.

Police added in a statement, "It is not atypical for investigations into cases involving juvenile suspects and victims to take time to properly document and review all evidence before an arrest is made."

HISD says it did not notify other parents of students at the school after the alleged incident took place and the investigation began, and they say they won't be making any changes to policies and procedures following this incident.