Montgomery County District Attorney, Texas Rangers investigate Patton Village


While the police department continued its patrols Tuesday, the rest of the offices were shut down as the DA's office tries to answer the question of whether or not anyone there misused city funds.

It wasn't the day to try to conduct any unfinished business with Patton Village, like traffic tickets.

"They were just like, 'You need to reschedule for another day.' It was kind of a waste of gas. I wish they would have called me," said one Kingwood resident, who identified himself only as Owen.

It wasn't just municipal court. The search warrant extended to all city department buildings, from City Hall to the police department. Boxes of records, computers and file cabinets were all seized by the Montgomery County District Attorney and Texas Rangers.

"We'll be taking these documents and submitting them for forensic analysis to see what type of information we can glean about the appropriate or inappropriate use of city funds," said Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant.

The DA's office says it can't comment on specific allegations but information from several people led them there.

"One thing that's important when we get allegations like this is it's just as important for us to clear people that aren't guilty of these types of allegations as it is for us to prosecute those that we determine have misused official funds," Grant said.

Prosecutors say it will take months to pour through the information now in their possession. No one has been charged at this time.

"Court was dismissed, and from what I hear, it doesn't surprise me," Patton Village resident Robert Downs said.

Tuesday's events at the center of town left a lot of residents wondering about the community they call home.

"I think we need a whole new town to be honest with you," Patton Village resident Tommie Darnell said.

We made several calls to the Patton Village mayor but she declined to comment.

The DA's office says it's trying to cause as little disruption as possible. They hope to return those computers soon.

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