Investigation underway at congressman's office due to broken window


The shots were reportedly fired around 11am Tuesday and shattered a couple of the windows at the congressman's office on the Sam Houston Parkway. The congressman was away at an office tour when the incident happened, but police do not believe the congressman was the intended target because other office buildings also were hit.

Houston police believe it was a random shooting that just happened to hit Green's window. They believe whoever did it used pellets or BBs.

From the outside, the damage is pretty impressive. An entire pane of glass was shattered. It has yet to be repaired, which means Green has a hotter and noisier office than usual.

"It looks like there was a shell there and then up here, (one) actually came through, but this must have been hit by more shells because it was big enough to shatter the glass," Green said.

Green showed us two shots that hit the window of a staffer's office next door and possibly more to a window just two steps from his own desk but he wasn't at his office at the time.

Other windows at a nearby building were damaged, but Congressman Green is at ease.

"I've been here for all these years. I grew up here and lived here all my life so I don't feel threatened," he said.

Maintenance workers had covered the window by the afternoon.

Both buildings are along the feeder road of the North Sam Houston Parkway so it's likely whoever did this was shooting and riding along.

As far as witnesses, no one has come forward. In fact, staffers in the office told us they thought it was a car backfiring and then all the sudden they heard the noise and felt the heat coming through the congressman's office. That's when they went into his office and saw the shattered glass.

Green says he hasn't had any problems with anybody. He did report the incident to the U.S. Capitol police as he is expected but is now going on with his own business routine.

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