No decision today on Houston red light cameras


Mayor Annise Parker called a special council meeting for Friday morning. The issue on the agenda was to repeal the red light camera ordinance and shut the whole thing off. However, as expected, the ordinance was tagged and delayed.

The delay did not stop critics from all sides to fire off another round of attacks.

The men who spearheaded the original petition to pull the cameras down, the Kubosh brothers, maintained they didn't believe the mayor's efforts to turn the cameras off were genuine.

Meanwhile, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the camera vendor, says all it has done is operate in good faith, while the city has continually changed its positions.

"You can call it flip flop Friday," said Andy Taylor, a lawyer representing ATS.

Mayor Annise Parker, who is eager to end this red light camera fight, seemed a bit frustrated with the criticism coming from all sides. But she remains resolute, pointing out that the city and ATS will go into mediation this weekend.

We'll have the latest on what Mayor Parker and others have to say about the red light cameras coming up on Eyewitness News this afternoon.

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