Deputy shot during bank robbery speaks out


This is the first time we've heard from Sgt. Ellison since the shooting a week and a half ago and his message was, help law enforcement catch these bank robbers.

He said, "Under the circumstances, I feel pretty good."

You can't tell by looking at him, but Sgt. Ellison is recovering from two gunshot wounds he sustained on August 4. It happened at the Randall's store in New Territory in Fort Bend County. Sgt. Ellison stopped at the store on his way to work and saw something unusual.

"When I observed the vehicle, I became very suspicious of that vehicle and the driver inside," he recalled.

Inside the store, two other men were robbing the Wells Fargo. They can be seen in surveillance photos released by Crime Stoppers. They exchanged gunfire with Sgt. Ellison and then took off in the getaway car waiting outside.

Law enforcement and Crime Stoppers are still looking for the three suspects. Sgt. Ellison says things could have been much worse.

"I am OK," he said. "If anybody knows the whereabouts of these suspects, please, I plead with you, call Crime Stoppers."

Detectives are looking for at least three male suspects. They say one of the men was wearing a white hoodie pullover with a skull pattern on the front and back of the hoodie. The front pattern depicts a white skull on a black and green background, while the pattern on the back has two skulls on a black and green background. Both subjects were wearing bandanas over their faces.

Sgt. Ellison is also a pastor and he says his congregation is looking forward to his testimony when he steps back behind the pulpit.

The reward for information leading to arrests is $35,000, combined from Wells Fargo, Crime Stoppers of Houston and Crime Stoppers of Fort Bend County. You can call 713-222-TIPS with information. Your identity can remain anonymous.

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