Prosecutors say they have admissions from beating suspects


During a brief arraignment today, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood entered not guilty pleas to charges of mayhem, assault and battery in the beating of Bryan Stow. The paramedic from Santa Cruz suffered severe brain injuries and remains hospitalized.

In response to a motion to allow TV cameras in court, a prosecutor said he didn't object because the case isn't based on witness identifications -- but instead on "admissions from both of them." He said 20 witnesses had been asked to identify the men, but only one person was able to positively identify Sanchez and no one could identify Norwood.

The attorney for Sanchez, when asked about the prosecutor's remarks, said, "Making assertions and proving them are two different things."

Sanchez and Norwood are accused of lashing out randomly at rival Giants fans at the stadium in a series of attacks.

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