Truck slams into home in Mont. Co.

The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, driving through several backyards, and slamming into the bedroom of a home

May 27, 2011 9:36:04 PM PDT
A driver lost control of a pickup truck, crashing through several yards and even smashing a portion of a house. The accident happened around 5:10pm on Rayford near Riley Fuzzell in southern Montgomery County.

A pickup truck went off the road, crashed through a wooden fence then took out the corner of the house. The house missed a playground where children were playing minutes earlier.

The homeowner said she was driving down the road a short while later and returned home to find a huge mess.

"I figured oh my goodness maybe it was our house so I ran back here to the backyard and found the truck in the backyard, all the neighbors, all the emergency respondents and our master bedroom wall is destroyed," said Jenna Butler, the home's owner.

No injuries were reported and officers have not said what led up to this crash.